All over the world, there are animals that suffer every day. From the millions put into shelters and euthanized, to the abuse experienced for our growing planet's need of mass production, to the overpopulation of starving animals in poverty stricken areas, we have to make a stand for the welfare of these animals. 


To date,

JO Gives has raised over $90,000 for the

Homeless Pets Foundation, whose goal is to end euthanasia in shelters. 

We are now raising funds for Project Mexico, our big project for 2019 and 2020. So far, we have spayed and neutered over 600 dogs in the poverty stricken areas of Mexico.


Visit our Help Page to donate or volunteer. Keep an eye out for upcoming events as many of them are fundraising opportunities (not to mention tax-deductible!) to support our causes. We host low-cost vaccination clinics every month, quarterly pet adoptions, and have benefit events each year.

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Get in touch with JO Gives, INC to discover more about our work and how to donate.  We thank you for your support.


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